Pure 100% Hyperbole - This is pure B.S. Information Manipulation

From the Article:

"Since 2021, however, his department has responded to reports of just over 100 guns stolen out of cars.

Elkins said there is positive news, however. He said so far in 2024, they’ve only had one report of a stolen gun out of a car.

Still, he’s quick to point out, that even that one is one too many."

If you are a Headline Warrior, you read there’s a “Rash” of guns being taken from cars, a real problem that needs to be addressed.
BUT, IF you read the article you find buried in the text “Elkins said there is positive news, however.”.
This is the kind of crap we in the gun community are fighting everyday. Sometimes it passive sometimes not so much.


Propaganda :man_shrugging:t4:


The positive news is people are not leaving their gun in their cars.


O’Cmon, I love hyperbole. Says the guy who writes in hyperbole for sport :joy:

Perhaps they should concentrate on the zillion deadly crimes this country is facing! Hyperbole or fact!
One gun is not a “rash” but the but the diseased illegals carrying the measles, is a rash!
Their priorities are so phucked up! :disguised_face: