Punished but not convicted

Shows how easy it is to make you a criminal. She didn’t break the law, arrested, jailed lost her driving preivledges had to go to court where the charges were dropped. But it’s still written into the law that you have to pay to get your drivers license back.


Just another case of basic everyday government extortion. Grease our palms or loose your rights.


My internet is down and can’t read article. Does the article say she is a criminal or are you saying she is a criminal? Internet came on. Oh I get it. It shows how easy it is to make one a victim. I think it is a substantial mistake to call her a criminal and not a victim. Sorry if I am off on this please explain. It did get me to read the article so👍.


That’s a good point. She was accused of criminality but not convicted. She, as an innocent citizen, was arrested and charged but never even tried on the charges. I suppose one could call her and others in the same position a victim.


So now you have to find an article that show how easy it is to make one a criminal.

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No I don’t


I could hide out under there…

In Texas if your license is suspended for ANY reason, you pay a “surcharge” that has an amount, according to the charge, which you must pay to have your license restored. This “surcharge” is after you have paid any tickets etc…