Publix sued over knife sale

Ban all assault knives!

Or do like the Brits and ban pointy knives (‘cause, you know, nobody is smart enough to grind a point on one if the really want to😳)


I believe parties aware of the danger, and not acting, are liable for neglect. Namely, this is his parents - they should have made an effort to commit their son to an institution, or at least warn his friends he is homicidal; and once again, police and the FBI were neither serving, nor protecting.

Does a “utility knife” qualify as a dangerous weapon? If so, then ANY type of knife could be seen as the same. Generally speaking, the knives sold at grocery stores are cheap kitchen-style implements intended for use on vegetables. Not the first place which comes to mind when seeking a dangerous weapon.


Deflection will always be employed to preclude taking responsibility for the act; if not a kitchen knife, a dull spoon out of place will do the trick. I would give it no air, and focus squarely on what happened and the causative agents.

Well, I guess they will be pulling all knifes from grocery stores. That means that Home Depot and Loews home improvement stores just to name a couple better get rid of their utility knives as well…