Proving Ground Houses of Worship Part 2

“The Proving Ground – Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 2”

Last week, we laid the groundwork to assemble a church security team.

Let’s see how the team did when we put its training to the test.

WARNING: This video contains a simulation of an active shooter event some may find disturbing

What are your key takeaways from this video?


I saw this video and very well put together.

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What I’ve seen is not clear for me.
Security guy put whole magazine into the shooter, and the bad guys still was able to change the weapon within next 20 seconds.
He also spent 4 seconds changing mag in the rifle - great opportunity to take him down. No shot was taken by any of security person. Total massacre…

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I’m assuming those vests are somewhat like simulators that let you know if / how many/ and where the wearer got shot at. I’m curious how many shots actually landed by either shooter, and who shot who.

I thought the officers comment about going across the church to find cover was off, as chairs are at best concealment, and not cover.

My main takeaway was that your church needs more than one on it’s security team. Near the beginning there was an usher at the front door, that I thought would have been an excellent POV for a second security team member.


On Facebook someone remarked about church insurance being a problem. What other options does author have?

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Personally. I think the video showed authicenty of any given situation. Anything can happen therefore great cut.

However, I agree with @KevinM. He needed to clear that distance.

I did not see much more that could have been done speaking honestly. IF this is a real congregation will come right out and throw a suggestion out… They need to speak out to the local authorities and see if they can pay for some security.

At my church we hire police as “Contract workers” and put them on the payroll.