Proving Ground: Camping

If you have a camper or an RV, this “Proving Ground” series teaches the critical skills you MUST have to protect yourself in the great outdoors.

See why keeping a round in the chamber, controlling distance between you and your attacker and having a trauma kit readily available can save your life when you’re alone in the woods.

Here is Part 1 of this three-part series.

What can you apply to your everyday life from this video?


This type of scenario just does not take place on camping grounds but can happen in your own apartment. Quick decision making is important, in everyday life you can encounter a situation that you may have to think fast, this video teaches you also how easy it is to make a mistake, it mentally prepares you, teaches you how to survive incase this situation like this does arise.


I have checked to see how my house is set up for self-defense. The door entering the house, then the door getting into my house. Yes, double door entry, it is going to slow down anyone getting in and probably piss them off having to go through two locked doors. Next to the second door is a target marked 25 shots, 25 yards, all center shots and my Marine Corps plaque next to it. If a person still makes it in my war room is double locked and I have a hidden gun safe in the wall. All the windows are on the second floor. Motion lights around the house. Alarm on balcony sliding door. Camera set up on front door that covers the front yard well. The 3-d target at the end of the hall way. Our dresser is set-up to give us cover upon someone entering our room. Girlfriend is usually at home and I work. When I come home we have our greeting that we notify all clear and it is me. Our tactics upon going anywhere I mention when we are in a compromised location, getting gas, store, or where ever I feel as though we could run into a bad situation. We train to shoot center mass and the situating yourself by the side of cover.

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