Proving Ground: Camping Part 3

If you have a camper or an RV, this “Proving Ground” series is for you. It teaches the critical skills you MUST have to protect yourself in the great outdoors.

See why keeping a round in the chamber, controlling distance between you and your attacker, and having a trauma kit readily available can save your life when you’re alone in the woods.

Here is the third and final part of this series.

What was your biggest takeaway from this series?


To take a quote from the movie Roadhouse “Expect the unexpected”.

  1. First scenario. Use environment better. At one point the aggressor was standing with the smoke in their eyes but they allowed themselves to be maneuvered to the smoke in their eyes. Plus he abandoned her to go get his gun. No 911 call.
    Quite honestly, I thought the female aggressor was far more dangerous than the male aggressor.

Just reenforces my belief that your gun should be on you.

  1. Second scenario. Poor placement of hideaway gun. Reenforces belief gun should be on you. Wife needs to be more tactically aware. I sort of disagree on the going outside part. That’s a mobile home. Sheet metal and maybe some plasterboard,paneling or sheetrock at most. I would have wife turn lights off and cover me while I reeled everything in and then I would have gotten mobile as fast as I could have. You have no idea where that guy is or whether he has a gun on his car. He knows there’s at least 2 things of value in that camper now. A gun and a safe.