Proving Ground: Camping Part 2

If you have a camper or an RV, this “Proving Ground” series teaches the critical skills you MUST have to protect yourself in the great outdoors.

See why keeping a round in the chamber, controlling distance between you and your attacker and having a trauma kit readily available can save your life when you’re alone in the woods.

Here is Part 2 of this three-part series.

How can you apply what you’ve learned here to your self-defense?


The USCCA proving ground has great info! I watched another, excellent, camping/training scenario on utube, couple years ago, and now I cant find it. Bottom line…always be on guard, ie codes of awareness, and always carry. We had an encounter where wolves came into our camp site, at nite, we had a fire burning, and they tried to entice our dogs. 3 wolves. We always carry, and have a long barrel available.