Providing ground

If you’ve seen the uscca proving ground videos you know what I mean…excellent videos…looking for feedback/support on the notion of opening up that training to uscca members i.e. the members would be part of the scenario. My thought is members would be willing to pay a modest fee to participate…thoughts?


I was lucky enough to be in one of the Proving Grounds, @Randyb! It was amazing - and slightly terrifying! I will definitely bring this to the team that makes those decisions!


I use to. Now I live direct deposit to direct deposit.


:-1: modest is a bit relative.

Trying to find a happy medium…maybe we shouldn’t pay?..not sure that’s why I’m "trolling "

Personally I don’t care how much anyone makes or thinks about me. …in the end we all end up in the same dirt broke as :poop:. At the end of the day, I’m taking my couple dollars and doing something fun. I can’t afford to take all kinds of training courses, and my stuff may not be fancy and dressed up, but it definitely gets the job done. Just because you don’t make much doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Take a trip down here one day! My wife is an accountant… I’m the king of cheap fun. I’ll buy us some ammo and you can teach me a bunch new things. Ain’t no under the bleachers where I come from. The “2A community” shouldn’t be about “I’m better than you” it should be united and accepting of all types, incomes, and background. If people feel like they don’t belong they don’t want to be a part of anything… what good does that do anyone?

Sorry bout that… and now back to your regularly scheduled programming!