Protector Academy - How do I check in at a range?

How do I check in at a range for the Protector Academy? I don’t see any links to click online for when we are at a range. Are we supposed to have someone at our range do it? Because at our range there is not always somebody there. We have key cards to let ourselves in when the gate is closed, or just go on in if it is opened.


I asked the same thing right after the big site changes. Never did get an answer.

Pulling in the @moderators


Welcome to the Community, @Eric183!

You should be able to check into your range on the Protector Academy App. At the bottom of the screen you should see a “Ranges” option. Click on that and enter your location:

Select your range from the list that comes up. Then click the “Check In to the Range” button:

The screen captures are from an iPhone, but I believe the Android phones look very similar.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have additional questions.

(Thanks for the tag, @Fish!)


Hey Fish, Thanks for the great information.
Do you know if this means that I have to have a phone in order to check in?
I don’t have a phone, but it seems like they are required more and more nowadays.
I still don’t think I’ll get one, though.

I see that was USCCA replying before, I thought it was someone else. Thanks for the reply and information. My question now is: Do I have to have a phone to check-in (which I do not have) or is there a way to do it on my home computer just before or after going to the range?

Yeah @Eric183, it appears that you DO have to have a phone. I installed the app on mine (Android) and it does look similar to the iPhone.

You have to look around just a bit, and the “hamburger” menu is in the bottom right instead of the upper left, but navigation is fairly simple.

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Thanks, Fish.

Perhaps if we ask nicely we can get the @moderators to suggest a way to check-in at a range added to the “My USCCA” ( page. It would fit nicely right below these:


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Yes, that would be really nice.


I have a similar question that I thought maybe fits here because it’s related… What if your favorite local range isn’t listed as an option for “check-in”? Is there an option to “check-in” at unlisted ranges or add them? :thinking:

I had thought about starting another thread but for future members use the search feature I thought it best to consolidate them here. Hope this was okay.

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Great question! I’d like to know as well because the one I go to has quite a few members and it is not listed, either.


I do not see a “Check into Range” any where on my Android phone. On my ranges there are only WEB and PHONE links. Any suggestions to help me find it .