Protections from faulty warrants

Question for attorneys and legal nerds…

Are there cases where a verdict has been overturned because the original warrant issued should not have been approved?

It’s pretty easy to find cases that have been dismissed or overturned because the police didn’t have a valid warrant, or exceeded the approved warrant. But we don’t seem to have the same protections if the original warrant should not have been approved by a competent judge. In fact, United States v. Leon (1984) seems to dismiss the idea, arguing that as long as the police act in good faith, then it doesn’t matter whether the approving judge should have approved the search warrant or not.

Note: I’m merely asking out of curiosity. This question does not apply to me or any other investigation that I’m aware of.


Ahhh, the old “asking for a friend” ruse, huh?


No, just thinking about civil liberties. I find it curious that when the police make a mistake, a perp can walk free. But if a judge makes a mistake, that’s ok, he meant well.

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