Protection of Lawful Commerce

My biggest concern is the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act by the anti-gun Democrats in control of Congress. Should that happen, the strategy of the anti-gun zealots is to put firearm manufacturers out of business. Using the recent shooting in Colorado as as example, plaintiff lawyers will gang up on Ruger by filing multiple lawsuits asking for multi-million dollar damage awards. The plaintiffs can’t lose. Should Ruger win every case, the company still goes bankrupt over the legal fees. What is so devious is that even the Democrats want a gun industry, not just for the military, but, to sell a very limited number of firearms to civilians who are rich Democrat donors. The right to keep and bear arms is lost. What remains is a well regulated privilege for the elites. Hunter Biden will always have his gun. Democrats will select a few cooperative gun manufacturers to stay in business and provide then with immunity from lawsuits.


There are many Democrats that own guns already. Everything we’re seeing pushed through is suspect. It should end up before SCOTUS before long. The trick is a combo of things. But if and when they try to expand the court we the people should declare that they are guilty of high crimes and treason. Just my opinion. Don’t know how that would play out. But America should take it sitting down. Republican Governor’s should unite.

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