Protection against red flag?

@AlphaKoncepts Red Flag Laws aka Extreme Risk Protection Laws can stand because people like John Cullerton and Michael Madigan and the overwhelming Democrat Illinois State Legislator and a state full of lazy defeatists people who stayed home on last Election Day and neglected to vote. Doing the same thing over and over and over every election cycle and expectations of a different result.

@Dawn and @MikeBKY not sure if I’ve asked this before or not (the thought has come across my mind quite a few times though), is this an area that an org like USCCA might be able to branch in to like they expanded their benefit to cover all weapons defenses and not just guns?

Something that would provide an attorney from that State familiar with that State’s red flag laws and can at least help ensure sound legal advice is given and some level of due process is served?

Someone might be less inclined to get into a violent defense of their weapons from LEO if they know they have an org on their side that will help them fight it out in the court system (could save lives).

Just a thought.


I am very concerned about red flag laws. I am estranged from my mother and one of my brothers. Neither of them would think twice about using a red flag law to harass me. That’s why I use a pseudonym on all gun-related forums, instead of a version of my name.

Its deeper than that. Who would you expect to fight this in the courts?

Ok. Would you be surprised to know that the very people we expect to fight these gun laws actually helped co author them?

The status quo isnt working. O"


I’m not sure if we would, @JamesR. Right now we’re very focused on finding a way around the issues in the states that are fighting against letting people have USCCA memberships.

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You can only fight a war on so many fronts…….understood. :+1:

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@JamesR I asked the USCCA about coverage for red flags. This is what they told me…

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CLARIFICATION: My response was in reference to @JamesR question about the USCCA branching into helping set up putting your firearms in a trust.

JamesR, please let me know if I misunderstood your question.

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@Dawn thanks Dawn, yes actually you may have misunderstood my question. It wasn’t in regards to setting up a trust but rather setting up a program that provides legal assistance for someone who has been “flagged.”

Thanks @AlphaKoncepts but the FB image that came up was too small for me to read………

I’m sorry - I must need more coffee this morning. :coffee:

Here is what is currently in place to assist with Red Flag issues:

I’m going to grab a second cup of coffee now. :rofl:


OUTSTANDING!!! I should have known you guys/gals were already on it! :grinning:

Sorry I misunderstood earlier. (Second cup has been started.) There was a topic about it in the Community a while ago so I assumed (I know, I know) that you had seen that topic. :slight_smile:

Onward and upward! :slight_smile:

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Long short, it’s not covered by default as a part of your membership but if you’re red flagged, you may apply for assistance via their foundation according to my conversation provided previous screen shot.

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I wouldn’t say long shot, I would say not 100% guaranteed.

If you click on that you should see all of the “fine print” at the bottom. Or you can see it all at


@dawn not long shot. “Long short” as in long story short.

LOL! I totally read that wrong :wink:

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Time for more coffee @Dawn ….:coffee:


We are living the “Minority Report” starring law abiding citizens with thoughts. If there are any bad thoughts out there just look into the mind of a Democrat. I don’t think there are too many conservatives or law abiding gun owning citizens that choose to shoot at congressmen and senators let alone throw people out of restaurants because they express their thoughts on a hat or t-shirt. That’s called terrorism! The use of violence especially against civilians in pursuit of a political goal. And they call the NRA a terrorist group. The real terrorism is coming from the left. Anything coming from the right is purely self defense.


Firearms Legal Defense covers red flag law defense without any extra cost to their members. I would hope that uscca would do the same. It’s important to me, I live in CO with far too many liberal anti gun people living here in the mountains. Even our sheriff supports by-den,

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