Protecting Mental Health During Crises | NSSF with the USCCA

Saving lives means confronting challenging topics head-on, especially when it comes to the issues of mental health and suicide prevention.

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A special NSSF, AFSP & VA event in cooperation with the USCCA

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not sure how long I can stay. Bad storms are rolling through. What fun. LOL

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what a good topic for the time

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Did the storm hit you?

Suicide isn’t always a spur-of-the-moment event. When my wife took her own life in 1997, she had planned her suicide several months in advance, had secured the means to do it, and picked a “trigger-event”, and she took her life the day after the “trigger-event” took place, which was our oldest daughter getting her drivers license. On October 22, 1997, she sat in the living room of our home, put a pistol to her head, and pulled the trigger. She had access to that gun because we lived out in the country, had four kids, and I wasn’t home all the time. I had talked to her the night before, and she didn’t give me any indication that anything was awry.

I hope that nobody ever has to go through what we went through, but sadly, it happens all the time.

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@Steve96 Im sorry about the loss of your wife, your absolutely right, Suicides aren’t all spur of the moment. I had a really good friend that took her own life and there was never any indication that she felt that way but in her note she said she had been planning it for over a year and she was just tired and took a bottle full of her pain medicine and never woke up.
I hope ya’ll are doing well, losing my friend was very hard, I cant imagine what its like losing a wife/parent.

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God bless all of you guys at the USCCA for presenting this much needed information during these uncertain and trying times. When people have to rely on their own resources and being unemployed for certain periods of time I can see how that would be frustrating to the point of people losing hope. I have lost 3 people I knew to suicide when I was younger and it is a very painful memory to try and recover from. I think the impact of why it is such a shock after it happens is because many people don’t see it coming. Then there’s all the emotional trauma from it of thinking maybe there was something more I could have done like maybe I could have listened more or been there more, but how are people supposed to know? There’s no way too know unless people watch for the warning signs

I’ve been through h**l with my husband Christopher since his retirement from the military in 2011, he told me he had PTSD and as I always have I supported him and did whatever it took regardless of the poor treatment that began that I’d not experienced before.

It started out mild, he decided to make all our decisions on jobs, where we’d move, dates, letters, texts, emails, sex, all stopped. Rude comments began, but he would still say I love you, gifts and cards for occasions? It was all very twisted and made my depression and anxiety heightened.

My happiness didn’t matter, his career was all that seemed to matter anymore. He abruptly in 2015 wanted to sell our home in OR and move but wouldn’t say where? Long story short I believe he had a plan as we ended up in Clarksville, TN where his entire family was that he stopped contact with in mid 2000 so this was odd. He was born in Nashville and raised in pleasant view.

He was still working for PHI based in Louisiana but worked in Saudi Arabia, yeah 34 days on 26 off his brilliant idea knowing I didn’t like being left alone and not what we planned after retirement? Soon after moving he was laid off and then started working for Air Evac and complained the whole year he had to put in. Then decided alone to apply for border patrol, meaning the federal academy in Georgia for 16 weeks then moving again to McAllen, TX.

He did a 180 when we moved here and was so horribly mean. I continued to support him thinking it was the PTSD but while at the academy he stopped calling me for 2-4-6 weeks at a time and leaving me so upset. Then would call and act like nothing was wrong, he was playing head games. Before he’d left I had been upset about him going and made a remark about not wanting to live, he went out and bought me a 9mm.

We had a safe full of guns so this was a sign from him I feel. He wasn’t caring towards me or concerned when I said it? While in the academy I reached out to many for help for him and for us to know avail and to my shock and dismay. I set up counseling for him while he was there but he sabotaged that just like everything else. I do everything I can for him, my family and it always bits me in the a**?

I’ve sought counseling and one after the other a joke. One made fun of me, one on the phone while I was crying, one yawning and stretching as if bored! Well, my husband came home from the academy alright but not to help sell the house and move like he said but pack out our cargo trailer and lie about why in May 2018. Phone contact through 5 July 2018, then he left a sweet voicemail on 11 July our 32nd anniversary and that was the last time I heard his voice?

He’d abandoned me, served me with divorce papers without a word March 2019 and began to say and do the most awful things. Harassing me is an under statement, having me stalked and followed to this day. Hired a nasty female attorney that is doing illegal things and they are both getting away with it, the judge is horrible.

He is making me homeless and broke, for what being a devoted wife for 33 years? I can’t remember the last time I was happy, he’s left me to tend to a large home and land until the divorce was final which has just happened and I’m hurting myself trying to do everything on my own to get it in order. Of course he knows I have medical issues but he’s heartless.

I feel like I’m in a horrific nightmare I cannot wake up from. I don’t feel like I have anything left to live for. I lost our beloved chihuahua early 2019 and he didn’t care, he’s a monster.

By the way, I also reached out to the VA and they never replied to me? I was desperate to get help for him, for us. This is a cruel world, people have scattered during my unfortunate circumstances and I truly don’t understand why? I’m a caregiver, a volunteer and would never turn my back on anyone in need.

I lost two friends to Suicide when I was a teenager, I lost my mum to cancer, our daughter is just like her dad and stopped contact in 2012? Meaning I don’t see my grandsons, his family is dysfunctional and never accepted me, my father was abusive to me, it’s never ending and he promised my mum on her death bed he’d take care of me always. WHAT MIND OF MAN DOES THIS TO A WOMAN WHO WAS THE ONLY ONE EVER THERE FOR HIM?

Hi. I want to say thank you for closed captioning to help me to understand more. It is more harder for everyone when the storm still runs. For me, I am still be happy when I stay at home and protect myself from pandemic. I can handle to take care of myself at home and know it’s not safe out there. Be patient while pandemic is still out there. Wear your mask, wash your hands and social distancing.

I’ve known 3 and 1 was an Iraq Vet, young. Some never really make it out of depression but we who are better off can help in some cases. Don’t think range time is necessarily a good idea though.