Protect your home after the holidays

@KenM correct year round dispose at work


The scavengers, actually recyclers, serve a good purpose. Plus they are actually doing something other than sitting on their butts. I put all my metal (that old bed frame) and other stuff that these people take normally outside my cans. Old pots and pans add up to the poundage for these guys.
I know a couple and will call them if I have done some work in my house (that little bits of wire, etc) or repair work on my car. They take the metal and recycle the repair parts like brake drums or batteries. My friends and I have taken to getting our sodas etc in cans. We bag them up and leave them out for them. Old paint cans either spray or by the gallon go into their aluminum poundage or shredder scrap.
Want to do something about all the plastic you consume. Get some reusable shopping bags (still have meat put in plastic) and start using cans for soda, juice in old fashioned cartons, and leave the results for these people that are just trying to make a buck.


Appreciate the input, let me be more specific.

7 years ago I went to let the dog out before I was leaving the house. I went out to load my suburban and I see the side gate open. I close the gate, walk back in through the front of the house and go back to the sliding door to let my dog back in that is going crazy. I’m thinking she’s chasing a squirrel or a racon. I see movement in my peripheral and there’s a scavenger making off with my son’s recycling that he took the time to collect.

I stop him and he doesn’t speak english, I then speak to him in spanish. He then gets upset when I trespass him, without letting him leave with my son’s recycling. He then continues with a wonderful assortment of insults and epitaphs. Then guess who I see again the following week, the sheriff’s know who he is and say there are multiple complaints of him going into yards, and play it off as a drunk looking for recycling to find beer money.

We’ve had a crew come to our front door and we’re chased off by our dog barking, they did get into our corvette and steal an iPod that was on the console, we also had our $1000 3rd row seats in our suburban stolen from in seconds as they popped the rear glass open quite easily over the latch.

My wife grew up leaving the doors unlocked, and we would go round and round until she finally saw the light especially with the theft from the corvette as she left it unlocked after she got home that day. She grew up in a different world and mindset than I. Now she sees things differently.

In the last 4 years the homeless encampments along the dry riverbed have brought a rise in crime/burglaries in vehicles, RVs, and boats in my neighborhood.

Last year we had a few of home invasions in our town where the MO was to get into the backyard and toss a block through the sliding glass window and rush the occupants. The other MO was to pretend to be home improvement solicitors, or utility crew workers. These were mostly committed by the lovely folks from inner LA. I call them the sharks from the deep waters coming into the shallows.

We donate any usable items, and as I mentioned my son is an electrical contractor so he has scrap metal that his crew disposes of. We also shred our mail so no information is susceptible to be found for those looking to steal your ID. I also caught a guy dumping in our recycling can as it’s mostly empty usually due to our efforts. He was dumping construction demolition in there ducting, insulation, etc. going down the line looking for empty bins to dump in.

We and our neighbors have taken many of the same steps to keep our neighborhood less likely to draw in crime.

Quite frankly in your comparison you welcome and invite which is different, from our situation. As we’ve improved our neighborhood as there is less solicitation traffic. We’ve had an improvement specifically in our home within the last 3 years since we’ve put our cameras up, as have most of our surrounding neighbors.


We are addressing very different issues. What I do is a choice. I know the persons that collect this material or it is set aside by the trash during regular trash days. No one is invited or welcomed into the property. I share your concerns about the security issues. If you knew anything concerning me. I am extremely paranoid about personal safety and home security.

Keep doing what you are to protect your home and family.


I never put those boxes out on the curb on trash day, at least not in front of my house. I actually take those boxes (tv, computer, printers, etc) and drop them off at dumpsters in apartment complexes. Those large boxes for expensive items definitely make your house a target.


That’s scary, @KenM!

When we moved my son from TN to AZ, he had to get rid of a lot of his stuff. (Traveling for work sucks sometimes.) We put a mattress that wouldn’t fit on the curb and were packing up the rest of his truck when someone pulled up to pick up the mattress. The two guys were very nice, thanked us and told us that was how they made their living.

We told them to hold on and grabbed a bunch of things that we had put by the garbage - nice shelves, a lamp or two and a chair - and gave it to them. They were respectful and appreciative, no thing like what you’ve experienced.

We ended up giving them a few more things that wouldn’t fit in the truck - it made my son and I feel better that someone would be able to use them and they wouldn’t get ruined in the rain that had started.


That’s why we donate, we list it and either they come pick it up or we deliver it.

We’ve given furniture, still working appliances, TVs, etc. As far as other household goods we have a regular collection for a disabled veterans group that we arrange for a pickup at least 3-4 times a year.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to paint a scary picture. We believe in helping others as much as we can. I also believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We have a better area than LA but not as good as other areas of the state or country.

Here are some recent crime maps, see below.

Here’s my community, we live on the east end near those Santa Clara River, by those 3 upper red triangles. Leslie grew up here.

Here’s the San Fernando Valley just south of us. I grew up here.

This is the deep waters of LA

In comparison this is near West Bend in WI


@Michael349, again appreciate the input also we both agree that some would call us paranoid. I’d say we’re overly cautious and prepared and cut from the same cloth.

Guess you missed I pointed out you invite your folks, to a degree so do we.