Project 2025

China is eating our lunch is because they are following a long-term plan. This is evident in their establishment of a modern-day version of the Silk Road through goals intended to control trade routes. The US in comparison is following a system based on maximizing next quarter’s profits. While I don’t agree with all of the provisions of Project 2025, the concept of setting down long range goals and the methods to achieve them has merit.
Will it come to fruition? No. Neither will MAGA. The country is too diverse and too large a segment of its population either doesn’t care or is in complete opposition to traditional American conservative values. Expecting either to succeed is a pipe dream. Can you imagine the opposition to the deportation of tens of millions of illegal immigrants on the part of those who think it’s mean to call them illegal? Remember the style of opposition the left excuses: anarchy and the destruction of everything that represents capitalism.
Now that the jig is up with the paper president, the power behind the throne is going to switch him out for someone who will perpetuate their policies of choice.
The democratic party, backed by the elite and the big money bankers, will circle the wagons around the new puppet with the assured complicity of the media, control of the justice system, the vote gathering apparatus, the support of those living off the labor of others, including the hordes of migrants who know which side will grant them legal status and reward them with free stuff.
There comes a time when a ship takes on water when reaches a point of no return, when no amount of effort is going to prevent it from sinking. We may have reached it.
I hope I’m wrong but I’m a realist. We can’t turn back the clock and time waits for no one.


I feel soooo much better now!


Kinda got me thinking here. Where in history is there a comparable situation?
Maybe the Germans? Things go bad, guy comes along and tells everyone how he’s going to make Everything better. Then he kills a few million of his citizens, declares war on Europe and the world.
The problem is, we don’t have anyone that will come to our rescue, like England and America did for Germany. I suspect one of two things will play out here in the good ole U S of A. One the citizens will grow tires of it all and a for real revolution will occur, my be armed may be peaceful but a revolution of sorts. OR Two, we turn into a mess like Europe, separate states kinda living together kinda not…


Please elaborate. What would these be?

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I’m a little surprised anyone would ask since the answer is public knowledge:


Conservative values are kind of like jazz. If he has to explain it to you, then you will never understand.


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I’ll give you all the highlights.

  1. Individual freedom
  2. Limited gubment
  3. Rule of law
  4. Peace through strength
  5. Fiscal responsibility
  6. Free markets
  7. Human dignity

It’s a good read giving more detail than I care to type. In order to implement these a person/group would have to take a chainsaw to our current level of gubment.

Don’t feed the bears. You will make them dependent on people for their survival and they will never learn to survive on their own.


Imho, it will not happen, it’s too extreme right wing to be allowed by the checks and balances (broken as they are) that are built into our government system.

Tbh, I had never even heard of this until after the debate and the absolute floundering of the democratic candidate.

But now that Joe has shown that he’s just a puppet and not fit for duty, the left HAS to latch onto this extremist right wing proposition to try and fear monger support back to the left.

My biggest concern is that they’re inadvertently going to give this movement more traction by drawing attention to it rather than actually boosting their own numbers.


Fear is a powerful motivator and a useful tool in politics. Instill this visceral force in voters by convincing them that your opposition is dangerous and they’ll fall in line. Especially effective when the media is complicit and works on your behalf and easier than actually accomplishing something.





And there are undoubtedly those who were doubting a vote for creepy memory care patient that may be swayed by this perceived threat.

Whatever, nothing is going to change, neither party honestly has the citizens welfare in mind.

I definitely did better under Trumps last administration, and while I will certainly hold my guns a little tighter to my chest if he does become the self proclaimed dictator the left is fearmongering,…

I doubt we will see anything like that come to pass.


I still remember when we heard “Barry is going to implement a state of emergency and cancel the elections…”. It seems to surface every cycle. “A vote for ‘them’ is a vote against everything American…”. But every time, the elections are held, questioned, then the White House changes hands.


Trump seems to not be a big fan of Project 2025:

“I know nothing about Project 2025. I have no idea who is behind it,” Trump wrote. “I disagree with some of the things they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal. Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.”

Though wouldn’t be surprised that if it becomes popular he will forget about his thoughts on the “ridiculous and abysmal” parts (which he conveniently didn’t call out specifically) and remind everyone how he wished the project luck.


Reduce civil servants and giving the President more power?
Just remember the door swings both ways and like a pendulum.


I’m not @Karacal but, I will cover




my biggest concern is are we going to have another J6 scenario, or will it be peaceful ?


I don’t think the republicans would do such a thing…


given the recent history of the leftist… and should the right win a lot power after…

dealing with a real insurrection by those same leftist folks could be in the future…

so how to deal with em after???