Progressive rifling

Do you think using a barrel with progressive rifling will improve the accuracy of a Glock 19 Gen 4?

I’m not sure that you would see a gain of function with a progressive twist tube on something with less than a 12" barrel.

I worked with 2 rifle/barrel/gun manufacturers back in the early 20’s that were doing it in precision rifle tubes and there was some promise to the ideas but I’m not sure the end justified the means. The idea was that you could run overbore cartridges with “lighter” boolits at higher velocities out of the tube and not have the poor effect off the boolet trying to rip the lands off as aggressively. There is much to the science and it may be worthy of study.

As an aside the 30mm cannon on an A10 Warthog is a gain twisted tube. The reason is to increase the spin but not develop the back pressure (resulting in more HEAT) required for a straight twisted tube.

Historically Pope was one of the first to do it commercially for competition rifles but he learned from others who’s names elude meat the moment from the “Shootzen” era.




You made me do math.


ah yes the cannon on the A10…the gun with a plane as an accessory to let it fly


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