Pro-life and Pro-gun said to be incompatible

I don’t see the conflict.

I am pro life in that I do not want a mother to be able to kill her baby.

I am also pro life in that I do not want a bad guy with a gun to be able to kill me, my wife, my daughters or anyone else.

The undefended must be defended.


Every life starts with a clean slate. The difference between self defense and murder make the “pro-choice but anti gun” argument moot.


I guess if someone axe murdered 19 people…are you pro life or pro axe?How about the jerk that ran over all those people with a car…are you pro life or pro car?If any fool believes a gun is all you can get mass murdered with read the news paper.Wonder if any of these priest’s are familiar with what’s happened in Ireland for all these years.Check history…more murder and mayhem has occurred in this world over religion than anything else.Im a Catholic,so before anyone hates on me…check history.


I’m a deacon in a Baptist church. I am 100% pro life, and 100% pro gun. When I’m on “church patrol” I’m carrying a gun, to protect lives. And a knife. And a tactical flashlight. And I lock the doors. A gun is a tool. It is neither pro life or death. It’s inanimate. Alcohol is neither right or wrong, but the Bible rails against drunkenness. Sex isn’t wrong. But infidelity is wrong Biblically.

The problem here, is those 9mm’s. Stinking Nazi round. We should all shoot The Lord’s caliber, 45 ACP, brought to us by the Prophet John Moses Browning.


When gun is a tool that guards lives, it is a pro-life gun. When gun, or a knife is in the hands of a criminal, it is not a pro-life gun.
Gun is a tool, nothing more. So why the excitement? Oh wait, what source is the article from? AP… Fake news, bogus argument.


I’m not very religious at all, but one sonogram 29 years ago changed my whole perspective on the pro-choice movement.


They are not incompatible. I don’t own guns to kill people, I own guns so me and my family don’t get killed.
There’s nothing contradictory about the protection of life from bad people or acts.

And the left consistently say things that are not true and can’t even understand binary concepts.


Give the lefties an arm band so that we can ignore them during unavoidable attacks. Sound familiar?


@Scott361 >>> Are you talking about abortion :question:

Apples and oranges…

Abortion— innocent child.

Self-defense… innocent victims, guilty thug-- still Pro-Life.


Um… “I’ve heard people tell me I’m not Christian because I’m pro-choice,” Marsh said

Psychological projection.
The incompatibility resides in the heart of that so-called man of God.

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Gods of man, perhaps.


Of course.

More than 800,000 babies killed each year by violent doctors with chemicals and knives with the blessing of our government and we do nothing.

15,000 (ish) people, many of them children, killed each year by violent thugs with guns and folks want to change the constitution.



Abortion is a very difficult controversial issue IE :

  • when does life begin, IDK ; but I do know that I will give up my life without Hesitation to protect any child.
  • people that can’t take care of them selfs and bring children into life born with the handicap of being ( conceived for the wrong reasons ). These human beings become a burden to Society and tax payers for their entire life’s.
    My message is ( if you create life be able to take care of that life )

Yeah, I get that. The problem is that if we apply the same logic to anyone who is a burden to society, including burdensome 1 week old babies, we might as well eliminate anyone who isn’t a productive, contributing member of society - the “useless eaters”, if you will.

It’s a horribly slippery slope.

In every single area of life, we come down on the side of protecting life - except for preborn babies - we can kill them with impunity.


I personally would prefer to see the pro life and pro choice people work together to prevent unwanted pregnancies and offer alternatives to abortion that provide a realistic chance for a life of opportunity for these children. It would be far more affective than passing all these back and forth laws for or against.

Just as more anti gun laws won’t stop murders with guns and other implements, anti abortion laws won’t stop abortions. Especially once the drug cartels realize the new revenue stream for abortion pills these bills will create. Though some poor people will likely end up resorting to more gruesome means. This won’t affect the wealthy at all, even though many of them could afford to pay someone to take care of their unwanted children. It will just add the inconvenience of having to take a car or plane ride though they will probably make a vacation out of it.


100%, RIGHT ON!


prepare for a Blizzard of crazy sayings, associations, re-classifications, and so on.

Now we are finally hearing about gang violence in big cities, BUT, with the headline “Mass shooting” in front of it, even if multiple shooters were involved as well as other things being used to cause death.

The important thing to the " agendas " is to get that phrase repeated as often as possible during the big push against the 2A

More and more you read that headline only to discover very little detail about it, but, they got to print that key headline again! Hours, or days later, the information is filled in and you see it’s gang related, or what ever other inconvenient information didn’t fit the intended impact they were after.

Being pro-gun is in no way in opposition to being pro life. Being pro-car is in no way in conflict with being anti drunk driving. The association is emotional, not rational.


I agree with you.

Could there be a relationship though? Both issues deal with life and death, both are emotionally laden, highly laden within two major political parties.

Could the antigun legislators be afraid to push through too hard, because then the other side might result in “awakening a sleeping giant”, with all of the many humans losse before their first drink of their mother’s milk? You wanna do what? OK, then how about you stop doing this?

Hence, I’ll remind all, sure, rules define a society and have their place, but so do creative ideas like stronger mental health care.