Prevention and Hope

Dad shoots his kids in the head after mom kisses them goodnight, Florida sheriff says.

Please read the story above and it is very painful but
It is a story that someone going into physical or
mental problems, we all need to use our abilities
to respond and act on any warnings to defeat
these painful times. We need the ability to see a very
Bad Mistake and to help stop this from happening,

I am not a doctor, but there must be away to stop
a situation before the loss of children, wife, husband,
Even a stranger. Drug and Alcohol do not mix or
feeling worthless and severely depressed . A firearm
will never solve this hardship and this is not from
Biden or the Democrats either. I do carry all the time
and I enjoy training very much.

Everyone goes through problems and there is not any
Quick Ways to fix these nightmares. Please call police,
a friend, or a medical profession, be a hero, before all
this heart aches happens.

There are some of the greatest people in the USCCA
that can help in-the correct directions. Never be ashamed to ask for professional help, it is not a crime.

Sad, so sad story.
Anything could be done? Nope.
If his own Family members haven’t seen problem, how it could be prevented?

There are signs of repeated behaviors with extemporaneous escalation with agitative states or mood alterations, that can be observed by family or social connections without being a licensed practitioner (S), especially if weapons are available in close proximity or access to any sort of modalities that may cause self-harm or to others. Frequently, such subtle symptoms are overlooked by flawed justifications in order to create such outcomes.


I was always afraid of stupid or unreasonable actions from my kids if I would buy a firearm.
I did it after my kids grew enough to understand the gravity of the situation.
Right now I have 100% trust and I know I can count on them in every moment the firearm is needed.
Do I still observe? Yes. My trust doesn’t blind me, but I can only hope and pray my kids won’t ever turn against me or my wife.


Call 988 for help with mental issues, depression, etc.