Prescription drugs and concealed carry

All of them are very addictive if you know how addictions work on the brain especially chemical one such as caffeine that is in sodas or coffee the things in cigarettes these definitely alter your state of mind and body. Have you ever seen a coffee drinker not have their morning coffee or a cigarette smoker not have a cigarette how they act have you ever seen how they act after they get that drink a coffee or that cigarette caffeine is a stimulate which means it speeds up processes from the brain which in return can make you jumpy edgy caffeine is also a main ingredient in migraine medicine so therefore it must do something for alter the brain




SC Code of Laws, Article 6, Section 23-31-400

“(B) It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to use a firearm in this State.” Use meaning to “discharge” 23-31-400-(A)(1). Does not say “cannot carry”.

However…read down a little further and (D) reads this:
“(D) This article does not apply to persons lawfully defending themselves or their property.”

So…Does that mean that you could be tore-up from the floor-up, drunk, high as corn on pills or whatever but if you’re on your property and are lawfully defending yourself, on your property, then “This article does not apply…”?

Now, define “under the influence”. Is that legally drunk (0.8 I think in SC)? How about the chronic pain person who chews Lortabs like Pez but really doesn’t get high? Is pain management defined as under the influence? Very gray area in that regard. Seems to me the best course of action is just don’t do it. If you have to drink or take pills then prolly best, IMO, to not carry unless on your own property.


That code section states specifically self-defense. You always have the right to self-defense, on your death bed, asleep, half-asleep, or in whatever state you are in when your life is on the line. Any law that tries to abrogate your rights is unconstitutional.

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Again I must disagree. I drink coffee. Maybe in the morning or sometimes at nite. It doesn’t wake me up and it doesn’t prevent me from going to sleep. I smoke cigarettes for 20 years never did I ever need them I was addicted sure but it never changed my mood. I literally put them down and never picked them back up. It didn’t alter my state of mind one bit.

Definitely not an accurate comparison.
I used to be a three-a-day Monster drinker, spent a large part of my life smoking a third to a half a pack of Marlboro Reds in a day, and like every other human being on the planet have consumed processed sugar at some point or another. I’ve also been on some pretty mild narcotics after biting a hole clean through my tongue once, then again after destroying my shoulder by tripping and tumbling while sprinting down a hill carrying a rifle and a three-day pack, and another time after some minor dental surgery.

Comparing caffeine and nicotine to narcotic painkillers is like comparing getting shot with an airsoft gun to getting shot with a .38 Special.


From a legal view (No, I’m not a lawyer… yet, anyways, and should not be taken as legal counsel)

Define “Under the influence

For the record, I don’t like medications that change motor skill or reflex BUT if a certain person(s) take the drug as prescribed and ONLY as directed by a medical doctor, influence would not be a valid word. Meaning a person would not be “intoxicated.”

@Shawn, I will say though, be careful! Pain medications taken as directed by physicians always made me sick! And I mean vomiting and sweating.