Premonitions You've Had That Came True?

I’m no baseball fan or gambler, but years ago, I was watching the 1st inning of the 1st game of the Braves-Yankees World Series on the TV set up in the break-room at the trucking company I worked for in operations. After seeing the Yankee batter foul off every pitch thrown at him, I loudly predicted that the Yanks would not only win, but sweep the Series as well. This was heresy in South Carolina, and I was diagnosed as crazy. After the Series, I was told that if I had bet $200 - $100 on the win, $100 on the sweep - I could’ve won $2K on the deal. Live and learn - I had an earlier premonition about the 1988 Series, after I saw Gibson hit his 1st-game homer. AGH! FYI

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I don’t want to have premonitions because far too many have come true. They’ve ended in serious consequences.

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These have been “wake-up calls” and “gut-feelings” in my case - they seldom happen, but they’re usually positive.

I have had Premonitions that have saved my life. I felt as though it was that angel that I was told was looking after me.

getting a dog when I was 5…it was a dream, saw grandpas car coming up the hill (black Rambler, back when every Rambler was black. Next day, here came grandpas car, and I just knew what was in it.
4 choice guess, 50 times. I guessed right 37 out of 50. My psych. teacher was impressed.
Falling down and getting messed up the other day not quite cutting a tree enough on an embankment, and relying on brute force to knock it over. I knew I was being stupid, could feel it, voice telling me not to be an idiot, cut the thing completely, the other voice saying I should have gone shooting instead of even doing another day of this nonsense. Now paying the price, listening to the testosterone voice which has been told to stfu for the next 6 weeks.

I’ve only been in a few car accidents in my life, but in every case I knew it was going to happen. This could normally be explained as reading the signs. Your brain processes an amazing amount of info (still more than computer processors), much of it subconsciously. You may unwittingly see, hear, or smell things and determine a threat without thinking about it.

But not always. For example, I was once sitting at a red light sign on a one way street. I saw a car approaching in my rearview mirror and tensed up. I even grabbed my wife’s hand and told her to hold on. The approaching car came to a complete stop long enough for my wife to give me an odd look, and then BOOM he rear-ended us. The driver said his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas. I vividly remember that one because there was no reason to suspect he would hit us, especially after he came to a full stop. And yet, he did, just like I knew he would.

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not “liking” that you got hit, but polar opposite to my saying “that idiots gonna’ stop 6 inches from my bumper” then getting creamed by an F250 with plow attachments going 30. Guy just spaced, blamed brakes, then told cop his truck was fine. I was in neutral, foot on brakes, hit car in front of me, who hit car in front of them…I just saw him in the rearview, hands on wheel, looking straight ahead.
Boy did I misjudge that one.

I ride an HD and often can sense when someone is going to do something stupid, but it’s not a premonition. It’s that people do stupid stuff with alarming regularity.


I was just a kid when I told my mother my great-grandma was going to die the night Neil Armstrong put his footprint on the moon as we were both watching it on TV. Next morning we got that call that she had passed away…. Too many since then to list. They’ve saved my butt a bunch of times.

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