Prayers requested for my beat up heart

Very sorry to hear about your friend. Very glad to hear you’re healing. Guys don’t do “warnings”! We wait till the gallbladder, heart or kidneys look us in the face and say “hey, buddy are we going to fix this or do we need to explode”. :boom:
For a week and a half I was in some serious pains, thinking it will go away! I rubbed mud, sand and potting soil all over, didn’t work!
When I was 20, any pain I had, I rubbed a little mud on it, pain gone. Today, I experience pain and the whole family is dialing 911.
In general waiting on any “required surgery” could produce unwanted effects.
@Shamrock, if doctors say wait, wait. Stay strong we are all behind you!!
FYI, NO ONE can rain on our parades, we invented them!

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