Power Outage

Other than training in low light or with flashlight, what other things do you do to be ready?

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LED Flashlights, in key room corners and hallways. I purchased a core group of Maglite 2 D Cell’s which were quite inexpensive on the net. If you have someone who needs a/c powered medical support you have to have a generator. I like Honda’s with the sinewave smoothing electronics to protect sensitive radios, medicals, and other equipment. If nothing else you can keep a cell phone, refrigerator, or air conditioner rolling for a day or so; gives you time to consider when you need to bug out. Try to get a month’s supply of prescriptions to have on hand, beyond your monthly needs.

If you’re worried about incursions, drag heavy furniture in front of doors you don’t normally use. Leave items which if kicked in the dark would make noises loud enough to get your attention; especially at night when you were asleep. If you like pets, get a dog.


My dog freaks out, actually climbs up on back of the couch and tries to sit on my head.

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Heh, if all you’ve known, as a dog - in the human world, is the noise all our artifacts make while life is ‘normal’… man, I can certainly understand a dog, with the sensitivity of hearing they have, going nuts hearing the outside world louder, and the inside world all of a sudden quiet as a cave! Maybe some training time where he gets a chance to get used to it?

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