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Do I need to extrapolate?

NO and NO!

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I feel the need to say more now…

Most people simply don’t understand/haven’t read the constitution. They don’t know why it exists and just assume that at anytime it can be changed. Bernie, Bloomberg…

I would not trust that people would do the right thing. Once you try and amend one, they will look at the others. I am not a fan of hate speech but we still have freedom of speech. They would change that.

What we really have is an education crisis in the USA. People assume the Government is here to provide. This is wrong. The Fed’s are here to protect the borders, not micro manage they way they do.


“shall not be infringed”…nothing else to see here people :smirk:…moving along


The militia i joined is BYOG (bring your own gear) and is 100% volunteer. The only requirements are to train twice every 90 days. And when I say train I mean whatever is being offered, next weekend for instance is snowshoeing and winter survival shelters in one area, CPR and first aid in another, canning and how to preserve food in another. It’s not just about firearms, it’s about building sustainable lifestyles and long lasting friendships.

As to leadership, it’s typically voted on by members when someone needs to step down. I will not be dropping names here.

I’m not offended, I just see so many people look at militia as a dirty word and it’s not. It needs to remain in the language it’s kept so that we have the right to form these groups.


@Spence - I’d love to find a group like that near me.

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I did a Google search for your state and found 3, but i don’t know if they are “free” so to speak. It wouldn’t hurt to ask and if you can’t find one, start one.

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@Spence - I hate to ask a dumb question, but what search parameters did you use?

Your state and militias. Actually I didn’t use Google, i use duckduckgo. Google is notoriously antigun left.

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Methinks we currently have those who’d love to repeal the second, however it’s a safe bet that if it is ever repealed there will never be a replacement…:frowning:


@Spence - Thanks. I don’t use Google, either, except as a verb.

You are spot Spence. In addition, the Militia is nothing more or less than abled bodied American citizens willing to defend the Constitution against foreign or domestic, including the government and an “organized military”. If a person or institution (e.g., Socialist party, the anti-American component) sees us as a threat to their anti-Constitution agenda, they will undoubtedly label us as ‘extremists’ ‘rebels’, etc. So be it…George Washington didn’t give a sh*^. And he was a General (not a ‘commissioned General’) of the Virginia ‘Militia’, not a well organized or regulated Army. Under his command, his militia became known as the Colonial Army, but through the meat of the Revolution, he commanded nothing more than a militia. It worked out pretty well! Several failures on his part, but undoubtedly successful.

Of great benefit; today there are thousands and thousands of experienced combat veteran militia that were trained by an organized military. This asset was not available back then.

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I’m not trying to win over any politician to support me or anyone else. It’s up to we as Constitutionalists to support ourselves and uphold the Constitution (a simple reminder to the government). The only duty public servant politicians have is to serve us in introducing and voting on laws and policies that align with the separation of powers, while reinforcing ‘we the people’ as the ultimate power of Freedom and Liberty. That’s it, period. Most of them have completely ignored this very basic concept. And to think many of them have law degrees. George Washington dropped out of school at age 11 to help support his family. And he was a land owner by age 14. Proves that common sense and discipline are much better qualities and traits.

“A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Notice the commas; they combine the components of this amendment to read and translate into: The people have the right to have weapons because a strong militia is needed to protect a free country.

Our founders purposely did NOT define specific weapons. They knew inventions were inevitable. Inventions were already in the making during the writing of the Bill of Rights, e.g., British rockets (used in the War of 1812). They weren’t about to exclude any weapon(s) that might afford us the power to defend ourselves. They new it was the human condition to want power. They new this day would come.

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Maybe it should read “the right of the people, not liberals, socialists or communists, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed ever!
The liberals are treating the 2A like a criminal treats a “Gun Free Zone” sign. A total disregard.
I think instead of paying taxes we should fine liberals every time they infringe on our rights. Maybe that’s a language they can understand, let’s sanction every state with a sanctuary city.
Let’s see how they feel about us infringing on their right to collect taxes from law abiding citizens.

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When I was still working as a mail carrier, we were told in a ‘special’ meeting that we couldn’t even leave a gun in our personal vehicle in the federal building’s parking lot. I started parking elsewhere.

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Do you guys ever get harassed by local le or government? I have my own bug out bag and shelter, my wife thinks I am nuts but then again so do some other people. I just do not like what is happening now, yes the 2a is written and should be pretty clear, but then why are there Red Flag laws, why are states aloud to make their own anit gun laws??? I love this discussion and am learning a lot of different views.

I haven’t as of yet. In all honesty we’re more likely to get called in to help than to be harrassed. We have some guys working with drones and IR cameras to help with search and rescue. A lot are going out of their way for wilderness first aid.

In all honesty, a good militia is a huge asset to their local communities.


Antonym for “Infringed” is “respected”.

I.e. another way to say “shall not be infringed” is “shall be respected”

However, I do not support trying to rewrite the 2nd because changing even one word opens up too much opportunity to hose it up.


I would think honored would suffice.

Agreed, there is more than one good antonym :+1:

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Remember our second amendment was not ratified for simply self defense. The framers literally placed it as a force for our national defence.