Poll: Who Needs a Gun?

Who needs a gun?

Mulitple choice poll

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Anyone who wants one
  • Those who will be responsible with a firearm

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Why do you carry a gun?

I couldn’t vote for “anyone who wants one” because that would include felons, 5 year olds, etc. Maybe I’m too literal? Lol.


I voted anyone who wants one with the assumption of legal age. I used to be all for felons NOT owning firearms however with the state laws that have been passed you could be a felon just for a “high” capacity magazine. I think felonies should be redefined something along the lines of breaking federal law. Those states are using felony convictions to take away the rights of citizens.

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“anyone who wants one” doesn’t sound ok.
“anyone who is responsible with firearm” that’s YES for sure.

Why do I carry?

  1. I’m responsible
  2. I care about my family, myself and people who need help
    -> these above don’t require to carry a gun… however it’s fair to be armed the same way as bad guys :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  3. because I can (I think we are the only nation who has this right written on the Constitution)
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…anyone who wants one…
I’d go with yes on that IF it came with …and is mentally competent, and is not adjudicated as restricted for a narrowly defined set of reasons…

If you’ve given up your rights through bad behavior related to hurting or menacing others, you don’t get one. If you’re not able to tell real from not real, you don’t get one. If you’re not capable of controlling your impulses, you don’t get one. Otherwise, I think you should be able to get one.

I found it very hard to select the “Anyone who wants one” as well.

All valid reasons.

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Assumption is the Mother of all f__k ups.
Other than that I agree with your statement.

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I also agree with all of the above and that was how or why I voted for all who wanted. Qualifications have not been eliminated by being a felon, etc.

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I don’t think anyone should have a gun who is not responsible with a firearm.

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I carry for the defense of my family and country.

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I voted for responsible ownership because we already see too many idiots out there who do not know how to properly use a firearm, i.e. using guns in road rage incidents (if you can’t control your rage you shouldn’t have a gun), drawing and pointing a firearm under circumstances where it is not warranted, and so many other misuse of firearms incidents we read about.
When idiots misuse firearms it makes us all look bad and plays into the hands of the anti-gunners, the media and the politicians to enact more draconian gun laws. In addition, people who are sitting on the fence over firearms can be easily pushed over to the dark side.
We’ve gotta be smart and use firearms safely and responsibly.

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I’ve been shot, stabbed, hung, hit by a car, beaten, stomped, assaulted, sexually harassed, and raped. I didn’t have a gun for that. Mostly I couldn’t. My son was assaulted by my ex last year, but the LEO did not file a report of the incident, so the CPS report filed by his therapist had no standing, and like all my previous times taking my ex to court, it went no where. On top of that, when my son ran from my ex a week later to avoid another assault, the same responding LEO forced my son back into the home, calling my son a liar, in regard to the assault, and his fear of my ex. That, is why I have a gun, and why I am getting ccw now. If LE will not protect my son, someone has to, because my son has no faith in LE now.


Holy Cow @Hailey I’m so sorry you and your son have been through all that ! :worried: I can’t even imagine.
I have a very good friend with an abusive and violent ex, and I was part of her escape plan and support as she was getting herself and her two boys out of that 25 years ago. What a long hard traumatic process that was. :confounded: it was before law enforcement attitudes and training had really changed on domestic violence, and it was ugly.

I’d thought the police were all pretty much retrained on the topic, with much better procedures. Is there a complaint process or a supervisor you can go to and get that officer retrained? Can you get them to make the reports they didn’t? Seems like CA would be one of the places where this wouldn’t be a problem. I guess you could run into this anywhere though.

I’m probably telling you stuff you already know apologies if I am. I think it would be really important to have a legal record of your ex’s behavior since it sounds like he’s not done.

I’m not sure how things are where you live, but where I live you’d have more than enough for a restraining order. Of course that doesn’t stop some people from acting badly, but its really important as part of your legal defense should you ever need to defend yourself and your son. It’s a very good thing you’re taking the steps necessary to protect yourselves. A firearm, a CCW and then train train train.

I feel for your son on the bad experiences with LE, I’ve had some myself, all of them in CA. To be clear, not all my experiences in CA were bad, but all my bad ones were there. It seriously and permanently damaged my trust in both the system and in LEOs. Since I’ve been in MO, the experiences have been good, and some of my trust has been restored, although I think I’ll probably always be guarded. I don’t know how old your son is, but hopefully he can discover it isn’t always bad. And hopefully you’ll be able to help him sort out how to protect himself when it is, even if it’s the Leo’s letting him down.

Glad you’re here.


Those who will be responsible with one as long as they are legally able to obtain one and are willing to get training on a regular basis.

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I appreciate very much, all the kindness and support, I’d rather not, bother anyone with my sordids, but you are welcome to message me if you want to talk more. I give each LE individual the respect of authority and don’t put the mistakes of others on them all, I try to set the example still for my kid, to be respectful, polite, and courteous to avoid unnecessary problems with anyone. I really do, thank you so much for the great kindness I see you post every time, in every thread, you’re awesome. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I voted the same way. Anyone would cover ANYONE, so, nope.