POLL: What interests you?

There is a plethora of information being shared every day through the news, social media, podcasts and videos.

We’re thankful to be one of the online organizations you choose to be a part of and would love to know who else you follow!

Please take this short, 3 minute survey to share who you follow.

All responses submitted by November 30th will receive a special feedback badge in the Community!

All technical glitches have been resolved.

The reason we ask for your email address is so that we can award feedback badges to those who participate. :slight_smile:


Done. Gets hung up on the age question, I couldn’t get past it until I checked both. :+1:


You fill in all of the answers and then it requires an e-mail. No thanks!


The only reason we ask for your email address is so we can assign your badge, @Brad. :slight_smile:

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Pos survey didn’t like my age, membership & email. Went through it 3 times

Sorry the survey is having technical challenges tonight. @Dawn will fix it ASAP in the morning. Thanks for letting us know!

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Could not choose more than 1 hobby even though it said choose all that apply.
The creator of the survey will be teased to no end in meetings tomorrow I bet?! :slight_smile:


I almost fell for this. And we should trust the vote??? Just mail it to me! Emails to a third party, glitches, hang ups, specifying personal info. I’d rather find information on how we fix our current dilemma! How do we save the Constitution?

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Like @Fizbin mentioned…

* 2. Besides self-defense, what other interests do you have? (Choose all that apply)

only one can be chosen…


Somehow it didn’t accept my choice…

so I went with this option


and it worked… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grimacing:

Hmmm… short 3 minutes survey… 10 seconds for answers and 170 seconds to figure it out why button


doesn’t work :joy:

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Completed, with all aforementioned issues

Completed it

Tried to complete it, would not due to issues listed above.

Weird. I tried it this morning and it worked fine for me. What browser are y’all using?

** I’ve made the age and member question optional to see if that solves the issue.

IE Edge, FireFox and Chrome. Will not accept more than one Interest.

Chrome on android… survey was ‘not right’ for me either.
I.e. advanced to next question after selecting one intrest…
I aborted attempts.


Fell for what, @Scott52? The reason it asks for your email address is so that we can award your feedback badge.

It’s been fixed! Sorry about that everyone. The run through ran perfectly. Something didn’t save right in my last run through evidently.

Thanks for the support and understanding.


Worked great. Now you have my correct answers :stuck_out_tongue:

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That wasn’t so bad


Done, I hope the SWAT team doesn’t show up for dinner!