Political Views and Gun Rights Discussion

Educate those who are willing to listen. We have logic and reason on our side. You cannot convert those who are unreasonable, so the only way you should spend time on those is if a logical and reasonable person is within earshot of your conversation :wink:


@MikeBKY . Mr Mike ; if I let someone that has a state permit to carry use my hand gun and they use it for right or Wong action would I be held responsible, just pick let’s say ( New England ) :question::question::question::question:
Thanks Mr. Mike

I cannot give a definitive answer to your question and I will not try to give advice on any state other than Kentucky, Hypothetically, it would be reasonable to believe that someone you know who has a CCL is not subject to a federal or state prohibition to possessing firearms can legally possess a firearm, absent some other knowledge you have to the contrary such as a recent arrest or protective order. If they can legally possess a firearm, you can give, sell or loan them a firearm, subject to state/local laws to the contrary.
A person is not generally responsible for the unlawful acts of another, again, absent knowledge that the person was planning to do something wrong.
Keep in mind, even if you are not criminally or civilly liable, doesn’t mean you will not be called in to court.


Thanks Mr. Mike, I wanted to give my Son a gift ( has a permit )
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Thank Mr. Mike

I think I like this!!! I have frequently pondered the Democratic rationale regarding the removal of the 2nd Amendment and any anti-firearm legislation. At the moment the Supreme Court scares me as much as Democrat legislators.

Pretty much like me?