Political snippets


You hear me talk about a group here in Michigan called Michigan Open Carry, this group is very politically motivated. The following is from their YouTube channel. MOC helped draft and is now fighting to advance two new pro-gun bills.
Under current Michigan law, an expired CPL is treated the same as never having one, a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and up to $2500.00 in fines. One of these bills, and the one being contested the most is trying to change that. None of us are going to disagree with this. What I want to show you with this video is our opposition. The opposition is testifying about 20-25 minutes in, it’s from Moms Demand Action backed by Everytown For Gun Control. The other bill will legalize being able to carry a loaded long gun in your vehicle on your own property. This is especially important for our local farmers, the only opposition to this is from MDNR, but they refuse to speak on it.

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