Political Friendly Fire: How do we stop it?

If you’ve been around the Community for a little while, you’ve probably seen my comments about being respectful because we’re all here to learn from each other. We also need to provide a united front against the attacks on our Second Amendment rights and not turn on each other when opinions differ.

Nik Clark discusses how the media is trying to divide responsible firearm owners:

How do you try to stop the divide between gun owners and between gun owners and others?

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I have found over the years that sometimes WE are our own worst enemies. As a general rule most responsibly armed individuals and responsible gun owners are NOT vocal or get in your face types. It’s just not how we are wired. In saying that, a level headed guy or girl speaking calmly with facts and figures do not make for good press copy. Give me a screaming, crying overwrought, emotional individual and you have great news coverage. Of course if you have a screaming, crying, overwrought and emotional gun owner you now have a poster child for Gun Control. I have found that sarcasm is a great equalizer to emotional attacks, but you are not going to make any friends.

The other issue WE have is those gun owners who’s particular firearms niche is not carry or AR’s or self defense at all. They are the ones that shrug and say “Magazine and “Assault Rifle” bans don’t bother me. my -fill in the blank- isn’t what they are after and I don’t really like them anyway”.

So if you are vocal gun owner then you are a “crazy” that certainly should not own a firearm which is how you will be portrayed by the media. We are in the same position as the Trump supporters that got assaulted following the rally in Minnesota. You loose your hat, get spit on and verbally as well as physically assaulted by thugs but you aren’t supposed to fight back even though that is exactly what they are hoping for.

It’s not a great place to be.




Gotta put that ego away. I’m sure we’ve all seen it on other social media platforms. The people saying if you’re not using gear brand X, Y, or Z you’re a fake or poser.

In reality I don’t care what brand of whatever gear you’re using or who you train with (too an extent, there are dangerous trainers out there). Work within your budget and actually train we can have something to talk about.

We were all new at some point and some still struggle with what seems basic stuff. Don’t bash people just help where or when you can. You’ll never know how much it helped but that’s ok. It’s the right thing to do

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That’s a huge chunk of it. I don’t care if someone carries a KnightHawk customs, or a HiPoint. If it will go bang every time, they train with it to be proficient, and they will carry it. I hunt, and carry a handgun. If a hunter, doesn’t want to carry a handgun, fine. If a ccw carrier doesn’t hunt, fine. Don’t like AR’s and AK’s, fine. Think the the only gun for you is a 12 gauge pump gun, rock that bad boy. Just don’t tell everyone else, what they “need.”


Absolutely spot on

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