Police recruits driven over during morning run


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S.W.A.T. or Social Workers and Therapists. Just wait until they see the morgue pileups from that little bit of logic.


How did 20 people miss hearing a car bearing down on them, too?
I suggest that the class they had that day made better policemen, with better awareness of their surroundings. That will keep them safer in the future.


I can’t decide if you are trolling, unaware of what happened or simply ignorant.

So I will go with unaware.

  1. It was a one way street and the car was going up the wrong way.

  2. They were on the side running down the road in the proper direction. Not in the lane the car was in.

  3. He deliberately swerved into their way and lined up to hit them.

  4. They would have had less than 2 seconds to react in. If you watch the video, you would probably notice that


You were correct, I hadn’t seen the video and was unaware. I don’t watch TV, so I hadn’t been bombarded with every angle of it 4 times an hour since then. So, I watched the vid and now ask the question “Why 20 instead of just the 4 closest to the car?” 2 seconds is plenty of time to start jumping out of the way. That kid is in deep trouble.


I was in the military, so I am pretty familiar with morning formation runs. Typically this tactic is used to break you down, before they start building you into what they are working on.

You are usually running on low sleep, physically pushed to your limits, and are just following the guy in front of you.

So if you have been doing this run on a daily basis. You are not expecting a car coming up the wrong way and even then you don’t expect them to swerve into you and try to deliberately drive into your formation.

Again, before you blame the victims of a repugnant crime. Watch. The. Video. and then see how fast it happened. Plus add in bodies were thrown back into the formation making it even harder to get out of the way.


They didn’t. He is in jail, for Vehicular Homicide and bail was set for $100,000. I was actually going to comment on that but you beat me to it.


That’s a slap in the face to their families :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


But at least the guy is in jail, with a serious charge. Unlike the DA in LA letting the guy go while figuring out how to charge. I don’t see how California can possibly let the driver of the car that rammed into 25 people go while they work on figuring out what to charge him with.

Post edit: all of those 25 injured were also potential police officers. Makes you wonder how LAPD is taking this. If it was me, I would be beyond pissed. I would take it as an insult. That no one could figure out what to charge a guy, who had crashed into a formation of LAPD cadets while driving the wrong way up a one way street and then swerving his car into them.

Only in LaLa Land.

Jesus wept.


I, my twin brother, my older brother and my wife’s brother are all retired from Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. This was cadet class 464. We ran in formation with our eyes forward, on the runner in front of us. The drill instructors run along both sides and front and back. You Do Not want to get their attention. So you do not look around, only forward. In the surveillance video it shows that he sped up when he was crossing the road. He had just passed a Sheriff’s unit with it’s lights on, blocking cross traffic at the intersection. He couldn’t have missed it. When you fall asleep your foot comes of the gas pedal, obviously that didn’t happen. The cadet that had both his feet amputated is the one in grave condition. He is still on life support. He was a Marine Corps vet just starting his career. I am angry and heart broken for them and their families. God Bless Them!


I will keep you guys informed of the cadets progress. I am not 100 % sure that the cadet on life support is the Marine but time will tell. He is married with two young kids. The other’s in critical condition are probably never going to be in law enforcement. The really bad aspect of this mess is that the cadets don’t get sworn in until after they graduate from the academy, so they have no safety net. No medical coverage, no insurance and nothing to leave their families. I will leave this link for anyone who would like to donate to a worthy cause. Thank you all and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!