Point shooting

I try to practice point shooting every time I go to the range. I like to draw from concealment and point shoot and put hits on my target.


~~ Instinct shooting >> from waist high/hip high. If you have a place you can practice shooting from the hip or waste high at a reactive target like a tin can it’s a lot of fun and with some practice you can hit the can consistently. This is also helpful for shooting in low light conditions and cuts time off of point shooting or site alignment shooting. Try it it’s fun.
~~ Never hear of defensive prone shooting practice that will make you a more well rounded defensive shooter.

I’m not a instructor but I’m still alive so think about that stuff > worked for me. Prone Pistol Shooting PositionPistol Shooting Drill with a Walther PDP Pistol - YouTube

I use a half size silhouette target and start at zero. I will have 2-3 shots center mass before I get enough distance to use the sights. At that point if still a threat it gets a head shot.