Pocket Timers

CEI-4700 or CED-7000 or other?

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I asked similar question last year.
The most recommended timer was CED7000.
I’ve been using it since then.

CEI has clip out of the box. CED doesn’t.

Thanks for the feedback. The 7000 is kinda where my head is and it really is the one I want, but I’m having a hard time getting past rechargeable batteries. To me it’s easier to carry spare batteries (that I know I can install whenever wherever ) than to need to make sure all electronics are charged before I leave the house.

This one has rechargable battery over USB.
I don’t even remember how long the battery last (I’m charging once per month maybe…) but it keeps power for a long time.

The only disadvantage of 7000 is the screen location. To see the results it has to be either on the table or you have to flip it on the belt (clip has to be purchased separately)

If you were shopping a replacement would you buy the 7000 again?

No replacement needed because this one works great. :slightly_smiling_face:

But… comparing these exact two models after few months of CED7000 usage… I would probably go with CEI4700 - only because of LED screen location.
I’ve never compared details of each timer - I’m not sport shooter, so basic time counting is what I need.

I think I’ll sleep on it, see if anyone else chimes in, and then flip a coin and place my order.:thinking:

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Not a lot of people at the Community use the timers… look at my old post (just found it)

Thx… I appreciated looking through it.
I’m thinking it a bit ironic that not many here use them, given all the talk about practice, practice, and speed…
Albeit I may personally be better of with a sundial than an electronic timer.


There won’t be any beepie timers on the street. It’s self defence not competition. Will you wait for the beep before your brain engages and you draw. Train as you fight!

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How do you objectively determine improvement without measuring performance??

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With whom?
It’s better to fight against time and be well prepared.

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FWIW since most of us have a semi-intelligent phones there are several apps that are shot timers that will let you play with the concept before you buy into the actual system. Look up “Shot timer” in your app store, most are free.




Yes sir. Very good advice. ‘Splits’ is the app I’ve used. For the price and the function I see no reason everyone shouldn’t at least try it, or something similar…

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