Pocket Dump: Unusual Items?

@Greg33 Try navycrow.com some really cool coins. :+1: Big floating metal caskets always scared me, I would rather have a foxhole, at least I could dig my own grave. LOL.

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Thanks for the info, but I’m not that concerned about it these days. My point was mostly that I don’t recall anyone I knew of (Shore or Sea duty) having a challenge coin to use for any purpose, and I spent my fair share in bars both on base, and off of base.

My dad was career Army and spoke about those foxholes. He said during the Korean War the ground was usually frozen, and you couldn’t dig real deep.

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I think I received my first unit coin about 1995 and my Regimental coin in 2000. They have been around for a while and became real popular. I am sure it was mostly someone figured out how to make money off Grunts,
Jar heads and Squids. LOL

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Lol, yep :+1:

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Watch out for @BRUCE26 . Made me try to find my challenge coin for EOD had to order Express from San Diego for the Expo that got cancelled.


If you include my belt pouch and pockets…

Unusual items for me include: a mini tape measure, LM whistle & firestarter (accessory for the LM Signal), alcohol swabs and bandaids (I use both a lot; also gauze), file accessory from a LM Surge (crude knife sharpener), BT ear piece, lighter, USB drive, notepad, nail clippers… I don’t really consider the other things unusual.

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