Pocket Dump: Situational Awareness Headphones

As protectors, we don’t want to be in condition white. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to listen to music or an audio book on a long hike or bike ride.

At work we have noise cancelling headphones and I’m OK with that because not everyone is wearing them and we all are on the same page when it comes to self-defense. They don’t cancel out all of the noise; they reduce chatter but you can definitely hear loud noises through the noise canceling.

@Sneezy mentioned open ear headphones in another thread:

Aftershokx Air. These use bone conducting technology and are not in ear design.

Turns out my daughter had to have headphones like that for work! (My turn to steal headphones from my kids for once.:innocent: )

How else can you be situationally aware while enjoying music in public?

Thought: 80’s-style boom boxes on your shoulder might not make anyone around you happy but could be a good weapon.



I have some Bose headphones in ear, so I only put one :ear: bud in. Works for me.

YMMV. :crazy_face:


I have noise cancelling Bose headphones but have the noise canceling off unless there is a good reason.

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Just a story from many years ago. I was Fly Fishing and wearing a SONY Walkman w/headphones
(told you it was years ago} wading down the river throwing a streamer and getting into the rhythm.
I turned and looked to my left and saw a female Black Bear w/2 cubs about 20 feet from me, she was woofing and popping her teeth and drooling, being very agitated by me presence, she was trying to cross the river and I was in the way.
You never seen a human move into deep water, wearing all that gear and waders faster then me. :scream:
To this day I won’t wear any headphones/ear buds while fishing, even in a boat.
Thought for today: If your hearing is impeded keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.


You have to be careful!

, For example, how headphones can drown out the sound we had a person ran over by a train with them on a week or so ago[Obviously he should not have been on tracks but that shows how well it can muffle sound].


It had to be many years ago :joy: :rofl: :joy:

If I seen a bear (And her cubs :scream:) I don’t know what I would do!


Well this will date me. The first purchase I made out of boot was a Sony Walkman tape player.


@Zavier_D And me too…


God, I do feel old.


I recently disposed of an old Sony Walkman Cassette player. It died, along with most of the tapes, after more years than I want to admit.


Not quite as useful as the war between 8 track and cassette… I choose yes, present tense reel to reel… I still have a “Hi8 V-5000” prosumer camcorder. FAR easier to carry than a betamax but, dang, the world changed on a dime in the early 90’s! (massive influx of alien technology - that “digital” stuff!) cellphones/smartphones with video recording, 4K?!

oh, yes, headphones… I didn’t go back to using such things until they came up with earbuds which are wireless, and have local microphone gain for nearby environmentals. It’s frustrating, I can’t even use my headphones when I’m home alone anymore… let alone video goggles!!


I can remember being overjoyed with my Sony Walkman, because I could go from beginning of one song to another song and not have to go back and forth on ff and rewind.

Truthfully, I’ve never owned an Apple Product. Even my MP3 player is a Sony Walkman… Still. Not the same one. If I find a brand I like I tend to stay with it. Same way about food.


I had a phone made by “Cingular” that looked just like that MP3 player in 2007 @Zavier_D

Of course, I had to save up and spend my own money to get it as a kid but was walking on clouds when I got it! hahaha :rofl: :joy:


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