Pocket Dump: latest gear?

What new self-defense gear have you found indispensable over the last year?


Nothing new. Just adjustment.
Last year I changed my flashlight for “combat” version which allowed me to use Rogers technique. Much better accuracy in low light conditions.

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Only thing I changed in 2020 was my EDC flashlight. I picked up the slim Olight around summertime. I gave the old one to my 2 year old son. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Of course, the EDC firearm changes with the weather. 🤷🏾



The only major change was adding pepper spray to my EDC


Front sight- Changed it from Red Fiber Optic to Red Fiber Optic with a glowing ring, on S&W MP shield Performance Center.

And …

Competition Trigger- on Beretta Storm PX4 compact, smooth like a butterfly.

I have two different EDC kits. One, when and where I’m allowed to CCW/firearm (it’s included).

The other, where/when I’m not allowed to CCW/firearm: Which consists of between 1-5 items (non-lethal). I leave them in a bowl, near where I change my clothes. When I cannot carry a firearm, after I get dressed, I select between 1-5 of the items, stow them on my person, and take off.

Although in my non firearm kit, one is a knife (potentially lethal), legal in size in my jurisdiction. Word to the wise “if ever entering a place with metal detectors, ‘be aware’ - one place asked for my knife or would not allow me in. I handed it over, on my way out, I felt they were taking way too long to give it back, but they did”. I almost wished I would have left it in the car or at home, so the knife I have is not an expensive one, just in case.

Two really good holsters and belts designed for EDC. It really makes a difference.


Found I like Vedder Holsters, after building a move full drawer.

I carry a TDI fix blade now.

I have a carry light I carry in the evenings. Thing charges via usb AND it just took a trip through the wash (no dryer :joy:) and still works 100%.

Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen Microstream USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 5" USB Cord Clamshell Packaging, Coyote https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DLZXZV1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_KLv8Fb66G2ZFM

The knife and the flashlight are really useful. I use them both regularly. Very practical for edc.

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After carrying around my Swiss Army Knife Champion in my pocket for the last 5 years, I finally ordered a nice belt pouch for it.

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Head on a swivel. Free.


Not much has changed. I’ve been on duty so much this year that I haven’t focused much on what I carry when off-duty. Here’s to the hope that 2021 will be different, and I can waste some money on some self-defense toys.

My favorite. It’s always good to have a non-lethal option available, because not every situation calls for lethal responses.

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Tactical pen. While I’ve owned one for years, I’ve just now started carrying daily. I figured … I usually carry a pen anyway, why not a tactical pen? Writes like a dream, and gives me another self-defense option. And I like options.


Just put it through it’s second trip in the wash :joy:. Still works great!