Plugged My Holes

Scope Mount Holes

Well, for all my whining and sniveling about having to empty out my safe to search and plug any missing barrel drilled and tapped scope mount holes, I finally ended up gittin’ off my tush and starting it.

I originally thought I had to unmount, plug, re-mount, re-align and re-sight back in six long arms, but it turned out to be only three and I’ve already finished one. Just two more to go.

I asked for advice if this was necessary, and was informed that for OEM stock holes, that although not necessary, it’s still a good practice just the same, and so I mustered up enough oomph to get started.

I’m huffin’ and puffin’ a little bit here, but I’m going to finish it and put 'em all back away darnit said the little engine that could. lol

Boy…for all of that cryin’, mumbling and grumbling, it ended up more trouble than actually starting it and getting the ‘job’ done already fer’cryin’outlouddere’alreadydere’. lol

Ciao and Happy New Year everyone

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Love the title. :joy::joy::joy:

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hahahaha…I just KNEW SOMEONE would catch it, but shsssssshhh or you’ll ‘git’ me in trouble here…LOL…

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