Please respond if you have a similar experience with the law firm USCCA delegates cases to, More than likely have my entire community cancel

You can’t lose them if they were lost in a boating accident.

Under that thought, then we should try to use them for, oh, DUI, shoplifting, running a stop sign, etc.

All of those would be “self” defense if we decided to plead not guilty.

Edit: fixed a typo

No not really

Not an intelligent response but i appreciate your insight.

Didnt say it was a scam, i stated their coverage does not support the protection of a CCW holder that ones rights have been violated. But appreciate your response

What does this mean, if you did not accidentally type “scan” instead of “scam”?


The definition of a scam is when you are sold coverage then denied. Semantics. I didn’t realize this community is more concerned about dumb ass remarks than to help a fellow 2A supporter. Unfortunate3

There’s an old saying out in the country.
“Barking up the wrong tree”


I will bark that constitutional tree until they prey my gun from cold hands. I do not accept my civil rights being violated then retaliatory action by the people we pay to enforce law.

Once again, the USCCA is only there to help with the aftermath of a self defence event. They have nothing to do with providing support in other 2a matters.


I don’t get it - I just read the ELITE membership benefits. Which of those benefits that you signed up for are you claiming USCCA did not live up to?

It seems like you’re hoping to receive something you didn’t actually buy.


Thank you for the insight, helpful