Plea for a Brother... Jared Yanis

I subscribe to a GREAT YouTube channel that is dedicated to our 2A rights, Guns & Gadgets. The host, Jarid Yanis, gives updates almost daily about news that effects all of us.
His father and his father’s wife were in a terrible motorcycle accident while on a charity run. Jared needs our help if you can. There are more details at his go fund me page:

If you visit the page you will be amazed how people that follow him are really coming up to bat for him.


Jared has approximately 125k subscribers to his YouTube 2A channel. His passion is our passion. In less than 24 hours he has received over 1,200 responses on GoFundMe. I have seen followers helping out with $5 to $1,000 donations. The fund is around 50% of the goal. Anything will help. Watch his video on the GoFundMe page above… and give if you can. Pray for his family if you can’t give. He is one of the good guys. A total class act.

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