Play Fighting? With a Gun? - undocumented illegal immigrant?

“Police indicated they believe Paredes is “an undocumented illegal immigrant.””

It was NOT PLAY FIGHTING! When you pull out a firearm, rack the G D thing, point it at another persons head and shoot him, you ARE NOT Playing.
I like the way the phrased this “undocumented illegal immigrant”. At least, this time, they didn’t ignore the fact he is illegal.


It stopped being play when he charged the slide! It just became intent!!


It’s called the Alec Baldwin maneuver!
Chamber live round.
Point at head.
Pull trigger.


“(He) stated that Jhon was play fighting with the victim. At some point, Jhon reached between his legs and pulled out a handgun. Jhon charged the firearm by operating a semi-automatic slide. Jhon then pointed the loaded firearm to the back of the victim’s head stating he was going to kill the victim,” the arrest warrant says.

Why charge the firearm if you are just “playing”? Not to mention why pullout a real firearm at all while “playing”? Doesn’t sound like any game I would ever want to participate in.


It stopped being ‘PLAY’ when we let these phuckers in our Country!
Your statement is correct Ted I just gave it a little clarity. :crazy_face:


As opposed to a “documented” illegal alien? :sunglasses: They only suspect that he is, not that they know that he is? Hopefully they are more certain he is the perp.


I think you missed a few steps here. Starting at the beginning:
crossed the border illegally
picked up a gun as an illegal
picked up a gun as underage

Can you imagine being a teacher at the school this piece of work went?
Good news though. Just as fast as they came in, they can come out.