Plate Carrier Group

Does anyone in here use or have plate carriers? And if so what level plates do you run? I just placed an order for body armor and mine comes with AR500 Level 3.

Not trying to be a smart arse, but why would you want to carry the extra weight of armor, when a shot to head puts an end to the discussion. From what I have seen as far as armor it leaves a lot to be desired, e.g., what protects the armpit area or the legs? To me it is a waste of time, better to spend the time in avoiding areas where armor might be needed.


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I’ve worn a lot of plates over the years for work and I would find it hard to even want to wear them again. That said I have had good performance from Blackhawk Molle carriere as well as Dragon Armor. If I am putting on plates it means things are completely sideways and it is my new “normal” and law has no meaning. Not there yet.




But we are getting close lol

Armor!? Well, I wore it in the military. Saved peoples lives but, I am talking war. If you have a Corpsman or a Medic with you, someone to cover your “6” while you are down and out because, if you are shot in the vest you will go down. It is cool if someone doesn’t know you have it and tries to stab you! Tactically, armor will save your life, if you get hit on the armor and it is going to really hurt, knock you down. Larry84 has a point though, avoid areas to which you need to wear armor but on my point to have and need is better than to need and not have.
I like how the test on it showed the lack of imprint on the backside of the armor after being shot several times. 7.62 NATO ammo shot straight through it. So, if you have a vest, how about a helmet?


Gun Store Employees are starting to wear armor …