Pictures from The Moon

This article on line today, the first comment hit it right on the head.

Mamcmi · 12 hours ago

“The lunar reconnaissance orbiter (that’s been orbiting the moon since 2009) can take a picture of a 33 ft wide crater on the surface… The more you think about that, the more you realize just how good the government’s “reconnaissance” satellites must be here on Earth!”


In 1980 I got to go to a TS Intel 3 day class that was given by a person most people have heard of. The second day we walked in and there were photos posted on the wall, and someone asked where they came from and then someone said it had to be satellites, and someone asked how good are our satellites and that instructor said put a pack of cigarettes on the white line of a road and I will tell you what brand they are. Remember this was 1980.


My brother that worked, now retired ,for one of the 3 letter gubment orgs, says the US is 50 years ahead of anything Russia or china has


I saw an article on some gun website years ago talking about how years ago at the time, the government had satellite or high altitude aircraft cameras capable of measuring the length of the barrel on your rifle when you were shooting privately on your land thinking nobody can see


A bit embarrassing for Russia given India just successfully landed on the moon.

The US may still have the lead but others are catching up rapidly while we allow trillions of dollars a year to get funneled into ineffective and corrupt endeavors.

And yes the ability of our government to illegally spy on us via satellite and the internet has reached truly dystopian levels.


When someone else lands human beings on the moon and brings them back, I’ll take note.

Six times, over 50 years ago…

Just sayin’


Yeah but now we need to ask the Russians or a crazy billionaire for a ride just to get into orbit.