Picatinny rail covers/guards vs heat

Hello, I have a question regarding picatinny rail covers/guards. Is there a certain material that works best against heat levels? I have an aluminum handguard coming in, and I’ve seen where they can get hot to the touch pretty quick. Online, I’ve seen products such as the XT Magpul covers, Manta Defense, Burn proof rail wrap, etc etc. I’m not sure which would work the best against heat, since some of those different guard rails are made from polymer, semi rubber, and fabric materials. Thank you for your time.

The below works fine, however I suggest gloves.

[UTG Low Profile Max Security Rubber Rail Guard, 12pcs, Black]


Rubber is the least heat conductive option but weighs the most.
Aluminum weighs the least but is most conductive.
Polymer is light weight and barely conductive.
The problem with polymer is that some of the knock-off materials are susceptible to degradation from solvents, and some manufacturers don’t do enough texture to maintain grip in various situations.
As with anything firearm related- Don’t cheap out!

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I’ve used MagPull covers to good effect on guns with a fun switch but as @Jesse notes gloves are preferred. In my experience even if you are doing mag dumps or running a REALLY intense course of fire 3 - 5 mags is warm but still handle-able on an aluminum fore grip as far as heat goes but you may need a band-aid or 12 for your chewed up hands.