Philly bans masks on public transport

What’s happening? I thought masks were both a right, an obligation to the humanity, and a fashion accessory!


It’s a little hard to say from the picture they provided but it looks more like the suspect was wearing one of the previously mandated Covid masks, not a ski mask.

Either way they keep giving us very mixed signals. Don’t mask cause only doctors need them, mask or be publicly flogged, fired and arrested for trying to kill grandma; now we are at don’t mask or you’ll be harassed by the authorities. You just can’t make these people happy. Can’t wait to see what happens when the next pandemic hits.


You’re right @Shamrock, not a ski mask. But “ski mask” (when not skiing, at least) carries that implicit sense of criminality that sells newspapers.

More importantly, we can’t have anything criminal associated with Covid measures, can we? Remember, what they did to us during the plandemic? Now it’s forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones.


Not a chance.