Philadelphia’s gun control cabal

“The same people who want to use law enforcement to curb the gun rights of law-abiding citizens and track and confiscate guns can’t even keep track and control of the ones for which they’re responsible.”


[2nd Amendment One of the Boy Scout badges I to this day am most proud of is Rifle Shooting Merit badge. As a young boy, my dad said, if you want to shoot guns, learn, and I did. I never hunted ( thought it was stupid), but I loved to shoot. I still own my Daisy Red Rider BB Gun, with compass on the stock and it still works, it’s a prized possession. I train a great deal, with my weapons, and have taken many classes over the years, and consider myself to be a responsible gun owner. I keep my weapons in a safe, locked and away from eyes. I am also licensed by the state for CWC and have reciprocal with other states.

I respect people that don’t share my beliefs nor care for guns, it is their right, and I will defend that right. With the President Elect and it’s administration on Guns, I will make a commitment here and now, get the guns first from the bad guys, and you can have mine, I will drive them too you.