People of faith and firearms

I was taught the same thing but you can also include: get over it already and grow up.

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I am not here to be your guru, nor to try to change your beliefs. If you state you have not read any contradictions, I can’t convince you, as anything I post you will have some justifcation for. Not a game I wish to play. Believe what you may.

Surely you jest? I think it is going so well. I don’t think anyone is being childish.


Fair enough. If you have read it, I hope you read it again. People think it’s hard, and some of it is. However, 75% of it, give or take, is either historical narrative or doctrine, which is straight forward and not hard to understand. Also, it cannot be forced on anyone but everyone dies and eternal life is in the balance. Anyway, take care.

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Not talking about any person but rather a life lesson my parents taught me.

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For a sonofagun of a gunner was he
Gotta love it.

Nothing but time when you were on a 6 month cruise in “Uncle Sugars” Navy.


I take it there’s nothing more from the peanut gallery? A stab about science in hopes that you might sound intelligent? It’s cute…but also sad.

in an effort to better articulate, yes…I do adhere to a more scientific mindset. That doesn’t mean that I “believe” solely in science, or that I’m close minded to any additional information. Simply that, at the present time, there is nothing to indicate any reason for me to believe in a higher power. while I do accept that science has certainly theorized and verified evolution, I also admit that we’re still missing huge segments of information and as such, we can’t be certain of anything without more information. Sadly, this is where most religious people step in and suggest that because we “can’t yet” answer these questions, we should insert a deity as the answer. In truth, we need to be ok with saying, “I don’t know.” If more people said it, there’d be less issues. I find it odd that more people can’t accept that they truly don’t know. They all have faith…but they don’t know a dang thing. You want to attack me for my lack of belief…sure…but I know that I have NO answers…and I’m waiting on making a decision pending more information. You and so many like you claim you have “evidence”, “facts”, and information to “prove” why your belief is relevant. Great, share it so the whole world can convert to your religion and know the one true religion. Otherwise…your claims are weak and empty and your faith is tenuous at best. Instead…be happy with what you believe and stop placing your faith in an outdated book and just believe in whatever god you want. I support you and will continue to stand next to you to defend your beliefs…

be happy and believe what you choose! I love and support you!


I take it William had chosen to ignore and avoid any discussion about religion. I’m sad but also not surprised. You can’t discuss and have a deep conversation when someone about their religion when they only scratched the surface of their own belief. I hope that one day, more people will actually research more religions than the one they were born into. It may be that apophony moment for all of them.

To @William191 , I’m still willing to review your evidence if you ever want to share.

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definitely NOT an inner voice!

is separate and not of the self… hard to hear though…

and you NOT hearing one doesn’t mean much of anything except perhaps your not listening…

or you don’t want to hear it… or can’t hear cause as you never will???

that is between you and God IMHO…

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so many people lately treat science like it is the BOMB…

thing is science is a method for measuring and proving or disproving… always has been…

perhaps they are worshiping the findings of science???

thing is the findings of science can and often do CHANGE DAILY!

odd thing to worship IMHO…

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a great deal of evidence and information discovered by archeology has been displayed on these boards…

ancient roman records have been referred to as well…

names were given and the actions that were taken…

and over and over we have people come in here and say show me… gets old…

it can all be found if you care to look around…

and here are changes that happened because so many believed…

sounds pretty good when ya stop and think on it???


The team says it isn’t currently possible to say that Noah’s Ark itself was at the Durupinar site.

“With the dating, it is not possible to say that the ship is here,” Faruk Kaya, one of the researchers on the project, said according to Turkish news publication Hurriyet.
Did Archaeologists Find the Real Noah’s Ark? Here's the Evidence

Wyatt asserted that he witnessed an interaction between a divine force and the Ark, which prevented him from removing it or providing indisputable evidence of his discovery. He faced significant challenges in substantiating his claims due to the lack of archaeological consensus and verifiable documentation.
Ron Wyatt: The Man Who Found Evidence Of Jesus’ Existence - History of Yesterday

I didn’t feel the need to prove the last claim wrong as the other two are false. So I will give you one.

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Even when Jesus sent them out the first time they were to take a staff. Mark 6:8. A staff can be used as a weapon.


@Arley Welcome to the community!

So, I’ll share something I talked about with my wife this very evening.

She felt I would be one of the best pastor’s she, and my eldest stepson ever heard of because my knowledge of the gospel is better than anyone they’ve known. They also said I can tell a story better than anyone they’ve seen or heard of.

Sadly, I haven’t found myself believing in any specific ideology or religion so my so called “calling” has never been realized.

I may shock you and all who are so firmly grasping their beliefs by stating the following, but in truth, I honestly do believe in what I consider, a creator. The biggest challenge you and all religious people grasp is that my so called ‘Belief’ is in fact a basic principal. Something, at some point, in some way, started the process by which we consider it to be the course that led to what we now know as the big bang. whatever that was, whatever led to that situation…led to what we now consider the big bang. Therefore, whatever that was that led to the chain of events…that is in fact our creator. I don’t know what “THAT” thing or being is and until I know more…it would be naive of me to adopt any nonsensical religious belief without more evidence.

This means that to me, I don’t know whether it was a higher being, an alien race, a deity, or some random events that led to the big bang, but whatever it was…at some point led to what we are today and our current way of understanding.

To many of you, you want to force the idea of god. some want to suggest some other mythical being…to me…I realize honestly that I don’t know and I’m ok with that. Being an atheist isn’t about answering all the unknowns…it’s about being honest and saying, “I know what I don’t know…and that’s a lot.”

I only wish more religious people were honest and admitted to simply not knowing and simply having faith in what they believe. Had they done that, there would be far less bloodshed in the world.


I will probably regret this but:

That is the point, I do know and you dismiss my witnessing as so much hokum. I am being honest with myself by saying god exists and I can see the evidence all around me. I feel the evidence inside me working and moving me. But you seem, notice I said SEEM, to eagerly drink in the theory of evolution and all the mental gymnastics that requires.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to your own struggle. As Paul says; we are to work out our own salvation. To me you appear stuck at the last step of believing in faith. That is where satan wants to keep as many people as he can.

Peace and back to the sidelines


not what I meant…

Ok, please share then. Until now, you seemed more inclined to dismiss my opinions and wrote me off because I didn’t agree with you. If you’re up to share, I’m happy to consider any points so long as I can also ask questions.

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