People look at me as if I’m crazy?

Yes glad it went that way to. Old saying that might apply" Ounch of prevention is equal to a pound of cure :us:


Thanks Yep, Sure glad it went that way also

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Tiger food… I am the TIGER, they’re a measly 'ol Wolf.
Everybody else are goats, just ready to be a snack for the Wolves.

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It depends. Are you open carrying a firearm (FA), in an open carry state. It’s a fine line displaying confidence Vs. if the other person takes you as wanting to bully or start a fight (challenging). All it takes is the other person having a bad day. Is it worth it?

Reminds me of the “Grey man” Vs. the “combat look”. Wishing you peace.


Yep Situational awareness is al way key no matter where you are at what your doing. And still I see people noses stuck in their phones.


You did good, Text book situation for sure

Yep, Simply refuse to be a victim. Awareness, Disipline,Training sprinkled with a little common sense