Pentagon leaks linked to young gun enthusiast who worked at military base –

I know we’re used to media bias against firearms and firearm owners, but check out this garbage. The Guardian is reporting a lead on the person who may have leaked the classified Ukraine documents, and the headline goes straight to… “gun enthusiast.”


They don’t even try to pretend they aren’t pushing pure propaganda any more.

Did the article bother to mention if he was also a sports enthusiast or beer enthusiast, etc.? Since apparently someone’s past time interests are so relevant to a potential espionage case.


He drank beer? Like Kavanaugh???


I suspect he’s had at least one in his life and might have done it enthusiastically?:wink:

If the story of this leaker is even remotely true it’s much more likely that drinking a few too many beers had something to do with inspiring the sharing of government secrets in a chat group with his online buddies than his completely irrelevant potential interest in firearms.

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OMG! The leaker could be a trans who hates elementary school kids!

Actually, there is a name floating around. The propagandists’ rhetoric will be less fiery, I think.

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Well they know his whereabouts now, he is in jail!

Can anyone explain the reasoning for allowing so many people access to classified information, are they just expecting that Biden will just leave classified documents everywhere he goes so it does not matter?

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You presume that the story is as broadcast on TV. A Junior Enlisted has access to this kind of info? I have my doubts.

I think you might be giving our government a little too much credit. I read an article that said there are 1.5 million people in this country with top secret clearance.

If the government isn’t compartmentalizing and securing that information properly there are a lot of people who are going to have access to things they shouldn’t. The computer and internet age makes information easy to get to and hard to secure.

I imagine there are a lot of young clerks and IT guys that have to sort through all that info so it can be sorted, prioritized and passed on to the people who actually need it.

Given the corruption and incompetence in DC I’m kinda surprised stuff like this isn’t happening every day.

Not to mention that our government is spying on every person on the planet these days including us. That’s a lot of information to sort and secure.


Traitor or Whistle Blower. :thinking:


Traitor of course. If the story will not turn out some kind of psyop.


Gun enthusiasts?
Hopefully none of us is leaking any classified information to the media that would help us bring America back to sanity!
Our country is becoming weak and continues to lie to its own citizens every day


I don’t know what his specific MOS is, but he belongs to the 102nd Intelligence Wing. That’s not to say he had a need to know when it came to classified Ukraine documents, but I suspect he had a higher level of clearance than the average Army grunt of the same pay grade.


Whoa, check out this development.
The Massachusetts Air National Guard member who leaked the Ukraine docs- the same one that the press was quick to out as a “gun enthusiast,” was actually denied a carry permit because he had made threats to his high school before he had graduated.

Funny that he could be trusted to access TS documents, though. He later got his state gun license by citing his TS clearance as evidence that he was more responsible than he had been in high school.

I’d be curious to know more if anyone here is familiar with Massachusetts firearm laws.

Denied a Gun License Over School Threat, Accused Leaker Jack Teixeira Later Got Top-Secret Clearance - WSJ

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