Patrons in Gay Club Shooting Hit Gunman With His Own Weapon

That company (no I am not going to say it’s name.) Is just freaking unbelievable. Trying to act like it’s the photographers fault. Yes the photographer is a sick f@#&.

But there is someone at that company who approved it. Who is just as sick. There is not one company in the world that would roll out an ad campaign, especially one that is as high profile as that company, and not have had final approval over what images were used.


First appearance in court.

Now he aldritch says he is “non binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns??? :roll_eyes:


My first thoughts when I heard about this was it may be a jilted lover or someone who had been thrown out the club before. That is why it is always best to wait for a thorough investigation before casting stones at others.
Of course, I do not have a “mainstream” thinking process :thinking:


My first thoughts too Bill. Seems the more laws they pass the less safe we are. :thinking:


The bad guys don’t follow protective orders. It is just another piece of paper or another law they won’t follow. Years ago when I was a leo, there was a guy that had beat his girlfriend really bad, as she had already filed past restraining orders against him to no avail her neighbor loaned her a marlin 10g and she slept with it in her recliner pointed at the door. needless to say we were cautious to knock on her door to check on her.


It is so sick that MSM cannot admit that he (it?) is not the right-wing, wacko-hating, extremist they painted him (it?) as initially. Not only him (it?) needs to suffer the consequences of their actions.


An interesting data collection that we rarely hear about.


Any data compiled by any tax funded university or the fbi is suspect.


Very well said my friend.
In martials arts we have a saying.
“Better to apologize standing up than ask for help on your back”.
I suspect a lot of us here train and think, situational awareness enough that we would get thru the loop faster than the average citizen.

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Yesterday at the gym Sep said it like this

When it’s time to act, Act With Ill Intent


And when was the last time a new law did what an old law couldn’t? When was the last time that a law stopped a criminal?


You just defined perfectly, my intended use of the word, “righteously.” Because that is EXACTLY what it means.

“ill-intent” can also be likened to: “with controlled reckless abandon.” or “to cast-off restraint.” “Achieve the objective, accomplish the mission.” It’s not done until it’s done; there are no crumbs left on the table or the floor.

Because in that moment, you are called to implement a critical decision, and it must be implemented with the utmost seriousness. Otherwise, sit on the couch, grab the remote and bag of popcorn, and wait for 911 to be called.