Patriot Front Propaganda

“Members of Patriot Front, including six Utahns, were arrested in Idaho last summer and accused of planning a riot at an LGBTQ rally.”
No trial no convictions? OH and no guns.

“said the groups’ messaging might become more violent and radical as they become more desperate.”
No violence so far.

“like the KKK, shifted years ago from a message of hate to a message of love for your own people and your own ethnicity,”
Compare them to the KKK?

“I think they’re feeling that right now because there’s kind of this idea of the white male, you know, it’s OK to be white”
Are you saying it isn’t OK to be a white male?

“That doesn’t mean that people aren’t biased towards people of color or biased in different ways; it just means that we’re not acting on that in a physical way.”
Are you saying we are all really closet racists?

To me this is as dangerous as the propaganda of which they speak. I get around Utah a lot and I have not seen any of this stuff. I haven’t seen any of their members anywhere. I have seen article after article about how dangerous they are but have seen no article articulating violence by any of the members.

This looks to me like a group that has The Man nervous so they are attacking them in the media.


:+1: Exactly the game being played. Much like the common sense gun laws and such. Under no circumstances shall Americans come together.