Pat Fallon Gets Lloyd Austin To ADMIT 'America Was Safer Under Trump'--- 'I LOVE TEXAN'S!"

“Did Vladimir Putin embark on any new foreign adventures in those four years?” he questioned. Austin conceded, “He didn’t, but…” Fallon seized on the admission, asserting, “So I think that if we were more concerned with our military projecting power and not worried about personal pronouns, it would be better for the American people and quite frankly the free world.”

It’s Scary to think this Administration hasn’t gotten us all Vaporized by now. These People are
‘The gang that couldn’t shoot straight-----Unless they are pointing their guns at us!’

Where We Go 1 We Go All.


Sometimes I’m surprised Mexico doesn’t try to take back the southwestern states and commiefornia.

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The cartels are working on it. Biden’s helping…