Parkland, Family of the sneads

@Alexander8, spot-on. This kid had more red flags than all the matadors in Spain.

Kids (as well as adults) see so much violence on TV and in movies, that we tend to think a gun may be the answer to a very temporary problem. Kids lack the experience to know what they see on the tube is not reality, never will be. Why violence is entertaining to so many is another crazy topic.

My son knew I was in the Army back in the day. When he was about 6 he asked me how many people I had killed. WO!
I told him NONE, and that I didn’t even know anybody in the Army who had killed anyone. If they had, they kept that to themselves.

Dad was in WWII in Battle of the Bulge. I never asked him that question, and he never talked much about it until 60 years later. Talked about how they were afraid. Close calls they had. A couple of guys who got killed.


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